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Bubble heads!

“Bubble headed engies :D”

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Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 11/SEP/06
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Lol awesome.
heh, poor guys, they're just headshot magnets...
Guy on the right looks pissed
yeah, he's mad that they all have giant easily hittable heads.
xD It's such a funny thing playng like that. You can type a command in console which change every soldier's head on the battlefield. It's hilarious!
@DrKamyKazy how do you do it?
CTRL+SHIFT+ΒΈ (the key below esc.) And then type in
Just copy+paste the command i wrote use ctrl+v to paste it in the console.

Very sweet! Awesome
so, does it make it easier to hit them in the head or is it just a visual thing?
ah, it would certainly make gameplay more interesting
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